Welding Certifications

Welding with sparksBecome a certified welder at your shop or our new state of the art facility WW NDT Services Inc. offers welding certification testing in a wide variety of codes and standards including AWS and ASME. We offer testing in the following processes FCAW (Flux Core), SMAW (Stick), GMAW (Mig), and GTAW (Tig) in all positions on plate, pipe, rebar and sheet metal.

Welder Certifications available – call us today at 541-393-6555 to schedule your appointment.

Welding Certification Benefits

  • More and Better Job Opportunities – Most companies seeking welders are more inclined to hire certified welders because of the implied training, experience and credentials that accompany a certification. Statistics demonstrate certified welders have a lower rate of on the job incidents and injuries in comparison to uncertified.
  • Higher Rate and Pay – As certified welder, you are in a position to command a significantly higher wage. 2010 Bureau of Labor statistics indicate a certified welder can earn anywhere from 10{ddbc41308b633a9a280a0cd691b56fa1e58f76186b9bd28db194c0de38803dbb} to 60{ddbc41308b633a9a280a0cd691b56fa1e58f76186b9bd28db194c0de38803dbb} more than non certified welders.
  • Greater Job Security – When companies reduce their welding staff, they are more likely to retain a certified welder because their certification makes them a more proven commodity in the welding trade, and therefore harder to replace.
  • Career Opportunities – Certified welders are in demand in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, automotive and more. Additionally, becoming a certified welder can be a springboard to becoming an underwater welder, a certified welding inspector, working as a freelancer, or even opening your own business.

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